The Wilderness Wars campaign is based on a collective knowledge of my past role playing experiences so it’s not specific to one system in particular however the base stats and much info is used from the 3.5 version It’s all D20 based so it’s fairly simple for those who have played and I can help anyone who has any questions.

The world is still young and magic fills all corners of the earth. Here in Balfara the kingdom of natural law and magic our inhabitants reside peacefully.In the capital city of Ganadorn king Harold Rianen has recieved a message from Rorick Denror The High Ruler of the Green Council. The Green Council is a group of leaders in all fields of magic that have gathered in the Oak Tower located in the center of the oldest largest forest in Balfara the Somerlin wilderlands. In the Oak tower the Green Council governs the wild forests and the raging rivers of the lands surrounding Balfara binding them to natural law and keeping order and peace in nature. The kingdoms of man have come through time and the Green Council accepted this with the condition that they, like all were bound to natural law. The king at that time agreed to this and the bond of oath ritual was performed. The kingdoms of man were to keep their order and the Council kept theirs and they co-existed for many hundreds of years.

To the honorable King Rianen

I have sent this letter to inform you of grave news. High ruler Grendothor has been slain. Mechanis former member of the Green Council has refired the furnaces of old, he has begun construction of a warforged army. The only reason we can see that he has done this is out of revenge of his banishment for betraying his natural heritage through the burning of his family’s forest village. Grendothor met him in battle on the eastern glade of Mt. Noren but his warforged creatures were too many. we ask for your aid in this battle of Wills. Remember your oath you swore to protect and uphold natural law.

sincerely hope is not lost, Rorick Denror

Wilderness Wars